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Marine Corps Air Station Futenma

Unit News
Passion for fire safety ignited by MCAS Futenma Marines

Passion for fire safety ignited by MCAS Futenma Marines

By Lance Cpl. David N. Hersey | April 09, 2014

A fire engine approached a burning metal hull, while a group of excited children watch in amazement from a safe distance. The water cannon fixed atop the truck unleashed a stream of water to extinguish the flames, and a cheer arose from the spectators.   Girl Scouts visited with Marines assigned to the aircraft rescue and firefighting unit for MORE
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Service, community members clean Tropical Beach

Service, community members clean Tropical Beach

By Lance Cpl. Wes Lucko | April 09, 2014

Surrounded by clear skies and warm tropical sunshine, volunteers took to the sand and surf to lend a hand in the beautification of a local beach.   Community members and Marines joined together April 5 during the third annual Ginowan City Tropical Beach Cleanup to improve the local area and strengthen the relationship between the two groups.   The MORE
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Operational Support Aircraft provide flexibility for commanders

By Cpl. Natalie M. Rostran | February 27, 2014

Breaking through the clouds, the sleek jet slices through the air carrying its precious cargo. While this aircraft does not fit the normal pattern of military aircraft, it has a special mission that only it and its crew can accomplish. Marines and civilians with Marine Corps Air Station Futenma’s Operational Support Aircraft, also known as “Magic,” MORE
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Community, Marines join together for evacuation drill

By Lance Cpl. Pete Sanders | February 22, 2014

Community and service members participated in a tsunami evacuation drill Feb. 22 through Marine Corps Air Station Futenma.   The drill was part of a joint effort by local and U.S. military officials to minimize the effects from a potential tsunami landfall event along the shores of Okinawa.  Although similar drills have taken place for civilians MORE
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Marine maintainer keeps VMM-262 flying high

Marine maintainer keeps VMM-262 flying high

By Capt. Caleb Eames | February 18, 2014

Coming from a family of military service often means that children will follow in those footsteps, and Sgt. James D. Schmidt, 26-years-old, is no exception. But his family’s record of service over the past century just might be.  Schmidt’s father was a Marine, his step-mother was in the Air Force, his uncle was in the Army and served in Vietnam, MORE
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Mission Statement  

  • To provide, maintain and operate all living working and recreational facilities and services for personnel living or working aboard MCAS Futenma.
  • To provide, maintain and operate all airfield facilities and services for the safe and efficient operational support of both 1st Marine Aircraft Wing and transient aircraft.
  • To fulfill WESTPAC Operational Support Airlift (OSA) requirements in support of III MEF/MCBJ.
  • To Function as a United Nations Command (Rear) Airfield.

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