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Operational Support Airlift


  • The primary mission of Marine Corps OSA is to provide the time-sensitive air trasport of high priority passengers and cargo between and within a theater of war, and to otherwise support Marines as required.



  • C-20G:  26 Passengers or 4500 Pounds of Cargo

  • UC-12W:  8 Passengers or 1600 Pounds of Cargo

  • UC-35D:  6 Passengers or 1200 Pounds of Cargo


Air Transportation Coordination Offices (ATCOs)

  • 3rd MEF ATCO- 622-2919

  • 1st MAW ATCO - 645-2166/3892

  • 3rd MLG ATCO - 637-1401

  • 3rd MARDIV ATCO - 622-3011

  • MCIPAC ATCO - 645-4001/4034/4032

  • 31st MEU ATCO - 623-7772

***Submit an Assault Support Request (ASR) (DD-2768) to your local Air Officer/Frag-O/ATCO at your earliest opportunity***

  • Who do I contact regarding my flight status?
    • Contact your ATCO for all coordination
    • All General Officer Aides contact your respective ATCO. Within 48hrs of scheduled departure you may contact the supporting squadron directly.
  • When will I know if my flight has been approved?
    • Your ATCO should know 72 hours before the day of your requested flight
  • When will I know the times of my flight?
    • Flight times are published the working day prior to your flight (i.e. Monday flights will be published Friday.)
    • *Subject to change due to weekend and holidays


Marine Corps Air Station Futenma